About Apinano

Discover a family of specialized products that utilize the latest advancements in biotechnology. All of them are based on a uniquely extracted propolis extract that demonstrates at least 100 times higher biological activity compared to that used in competitive products. Additionally, they contain many other ingredients bestowed upon us by nature, whose undeniable effects have a beneficial impact on the proper functioning of the body. Some of the preparations are further enriched with silver ions.

Apinano Spray is a natural solution for sore throat. It contains honey, propolis extract, and essential oils to soothe pain and reduce inflammation.


Don’t let sore throat take over. Apinano Spray is a gentle and effective solution that will quickly bring relief to your throat.


ired of sore throat? Apinano Throat Spray contains natural ingredients that will help you feel better quickly. Try it today!

Why We Are Unique

The key to obtaining a product of above-average quality with unique biological properties is:

  • Chemically and biochemically pure propolis
  • Unique, low-temperature purification and processing method
  • Strict adherence to the technological regime.

What Customers Are Saying

“This spray is magic! I use it at the first signs of a sore throat and it always helps. I really like the natural ingredients and the gentle honey taste.”

“I had problems with a sore throat for many months and tried different medications without success. I decided to try the propolis spray and it was a perfect shot. After a few days of use, the pain disappeared.”

“I love this spray! I use it not only for sore throats but also for colds. It helps me maintain my health and strengthen my immunity.”

“I’m a fan of natural products and this propolis spray is my favorite remedy for a sore throat. The ingredients are simple and natural, and the effects are quick and lasting.”

“The spray is easy to use and very effective. After a few applications, I noticed a significant improvement in my sore throat. I recommend it to anyone who wants a natural solution for their sore throat.”

“I have been using this propolis throat spray for a few months now and it has really helped me with my recurring sore throat issues. The spray is easy to use and has a pleasant honey taste. I appreciate that it’s made with natural ingredients.”



How do we source the raw material?

The raw material is the main pillar for obtaining propolis extracts with the required physicochemical and biological properties. For this reason, it is crucial to carefully select the places from which we obtain it.

The raw material must come from:

Places not contaminated with plant protection products, i.e., outside industrial plantations of plants pollinated by bees
Areas not contaminated with heavy metals and post-industrial areas
Areas where intensive farming is not carried out

Previous experience in the field of obtaining raw material indicates that only a few places in Poland can provide material with a minimal risk of contamination with plant protection products and heavy metals. Raw material obtained from ecologically clean areas, collected by producers from hives, is stored in PE containers at a temperature below 12 degrees Celsius in the first stage. This procedure aims to reduce losses in the decomposition of biologically active compounds that occur during the contact of raw propolis with water vapor and oxygen.

It should be noted that the possibilities of obtaining propolis from hives are very limited. Depending on the size of the bee colony and the hive, the production of propolis by bees is limited to a maximum of 200 g of raw material per hive. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a network of raw material suppliers for production, involving more than 3000 hives. This will secure a smooth supply of raw material for production and reduce the time of its storage in the warehouse. The obtained raw material is first described in terms of the date and time of acquisition and marked with the individual producer’s code. The material is placed in PE containers due to the chemically inert nature of this polymer. In this form, it awaits transport to the Decont warehouse.



At Our laboratories, we process the raw material using physical methods. Unlike other producers of propolis extracts, our product is processed using a low-temperature method. This method is more labor-intensive, but its indisputable advantage is the preservation of unique biologically active compounds that decompose at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. Thus, the final product exhibits a stepwise improvement in biological and biochemical properties.


Biochemically and chemically pure raw material, unique, low-temperature method of purification and processing, strict observance of the technological regime – this is the key to obtaining above-average product quality with unique biological properties.